At XCEO, we partner with individuals who have high potential and high aspirations, to improve their positions to earn more power and influence during their career than most people dream possible in their lifetimes. We are committed to increasing the supply of qualified persons, who are enlightened & willing to assume the increasing risks and responsibilities, associated with serving their stakeholder(s) as dedicated Senior Executives and Board Members.

Today's corporate directors have various options when it comes to their own professional development and performance effectiveness. Typically, directors' options include: Directors' Colleges, participating in company training, or seeking expensive consulting from outside professionals. The investment is often substantial for these types of development options: Why invest the time and money for programs with cursory, finite, and invasive outcomes?

The LinXsus® Professional program is designed specifically for CEOs and directors who have a passion for personal leadership and a serious desire to serve shareholders through Board service. We partner with individuals who are willing to make unparalleled commitments to their own personal development. They understand the need to be exceptionally well qualified in order to maximize their contributions to the companies they serve.

Brief Program Summary:

  • An exclusive program which provides ongoing structured and on-demand support for newly appointed directors
  • An effective and comprehensive curriculum which includes Board positioning, networking, professional mentoring and much more
  • Exclusive access to XCEO's Enlightened Corporate Governance® evaluation tools, including, our directorSPHERE™ 360° exercise, our individual director and Board assessments
  • Select to participate in Branding, Personal Leadership, Stakeholder Support, Networking, Board Search Preparation, Individual Director Risk or 20+ other tailored modules
  • Receive support in the boardroom through our exclusive Concierge™ service

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