LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™ Features


Professional Qualifications Data Base Management (BASEdna®) The Business Attributes, Skills, and Experiences Analysis (BASEdna®) is a unique and comprehensive resource to help organizations calibrate and catalog their current inventory of leadership qualifications.

Succession Profile (Leadership Readiness Analysis) The Readiness Analysis is designed for management to analyze the "readiness levels" of their employees, in terms of how many years out they are for each particular executive position. This can be used to build an adequate supply of succession candidates for each executive position, aiding in succession planning.

Candidate Selection (Search and Match Assessment) Management can search for employees within their organization that have the desired skills and experiences (readiness level) to fulfill their pipeline of succession candidates for the specific position needed. Also, it can compare employees to different readiness profiles.

Learning Resource Center (Concierge) Updated weekly with Information to enhance employee’s personal knowledge. Information is provided regarding company, industry, leadership, and Corporate Governance news, along with customized research reports to aid in development.

Personal Leadership Assessments (ERA, ILP, HR, etc.) All individual assessments are self-initiated and provide employees with an opportunity to work on their development, by assessing their different skills, experiences, and attributes. Every assessment offers tailored reports which provide more insight into their analysis.

Personal Development Tools (XPL) In relation to the 11 principles presented in Dr. Curtis J. Crawford's book, Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership, the XPL offers the employee an opportunity to assess their leadership and stakeholder support. Once completed, they will be provided with development recommendations and may invite their peers or colleagues to provide feedback regarding their results.

Mentoring Support (Professional Mentoring Lite) Our individual professional mentoring program is designed to support either one existing director on your Board, a senior-executive serving on an external Board, or a senior-executive aspiring to become a director. With one-on-one leadership and professional development analysis in a (12) month structured program, we ensure that he or she achieves an extraordinary high-level of success in his or her career.

Meeting Collaboration Service (Moxtra) Our integrated communication tool, allows management or employees the opportunity to meet and collaborate in an online virtual meeting room.

Document Management Center (Board Chamber) The Board Chamber provides a number of resources that allow users the ability to share information and documents within their particular organization.

Sample Organization 2,500 Employees

As an organization, at least 3-5% of your total employee base should be identified high-potential/high-aspiration employees

75-125 high-potential employees

1-in-7 identified high-performing employees are actual high-potential employees

11-18 actual high-potential employees

Each executive officer should have about ‘15’ internal/external succession candidates in their pipeline

XCEO’s LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™ Readiness Analysis is designed for management to analyze the "readiness levels" of their employees, in terms of how many years out they are for each particular executive position

55% of high-potential employees will drop out of the succession pipeline within 5 years  

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