Although anxiety concerning our corporate direction and strategy, altruism, and action remains, there is undoubtedly a great sense of optimism regarding how the change will affect our collective success. As we begin this new chapter in our business and economic history, the opportunity to focus on practices that will help better serve shareholders is upon us. From our government, to our boardrooms, to our own careers, leadership is conspicuously present. With a greater emphasis on performance and compliance, change is imminent.

XCEO believes that Board attitudes and behaviors lend themselves to classification into three distinct categories: Traditional, Standard, and Enlightened. Traditional Boards and directors are guided by ways of the past, the standard ones toe the line through compliance with laws and regulations, while the enlightened seek opportunities to go beyond compliance.

Boards and Directors should continue to be more effective and efficient, and make leadership development a priority. We would like to partner with Boards in their efforts to increase shareholder value. Our cornerstone, Enlightened Corporate Governance®, depends on personal leadership in the boardroom. Moreover, utilizing our Integrated Board Leadership Process as the way of supporting Boards, our value proposition to our clients is strong.

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