Effective leadership is something that most people can easily recognize because these leaders take exceptional actions that inspire creativity and ever-higher levels of performance. While they have a passion for winning, they are responsible and accountable. At XCEO, we call this leadership Extreme Personal Leadership (XPL), and we call such leaders "X-Leaders."

In today's globally competitive world, intellectual property is a key indicator of long-term success. Corporations, as well as individuals, must maintain a continuous flow of knowledge to sustain a competitive advantage in the market place. There needs to be a constant stream of intellectual capacity that inspires invention and ultimately innovation. At XCEO, we believe effective personal leadership is the leading indicator of success.

Many people know quite well that they have underdeveloped talents, but even those with enormous intellectual capacity often don't know how to leverage their talents into power and influence. Practicing extreme personal leadership requires going far beyond the boundaries of conventional expectations in the pursuit of excellence. It means setting audacious personal goals in the search of what may not seem possible from an ordinary perspective.

X-Leadership differs substantially from managing. Whereas managers act to limit choices, X-Leaders strive to develop fresh approaches to long-standing problems and to open most issues to creative options. To be effective, X-Leaders project bold, bright ideas onto images that excite people. They make the impossible seem possible. X-Leaders create passion and exhilaration for the mundane. X-Leaders recognize that what may seem extreme today will be commonplace tomorrow.