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At XCEO, Inc., we believe individual leadership is the driving force for inspiring creativity and ultimately maximizing intellectual capacity. We provide individual and corporate development in the principles of Extreme Personal Leadership®. We call this X-Leadership and it is the touchstone of our company. In today's globally competitive world, intellectual property is a key indicator of long-term success. Corporations and individuals are seeking knowledge intensive solutions to sustain a competitive advantage. At XCEO, Inc. we offer Professional Mentoring and Personal Leadership Development programs, as well as Corporate Governance...

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Evaluations & Enlightened Corporate Governance®

XCEO believes that board attitudes and behaviors lend themselves to classification into three distinct categories: Traditional, Standard, and Enlightened. Traditional boards and directors have guided byways of...

Succession & Recruiting

Succession planning is an integral part of the board’s responsibilities to the organization. Whether planning for a new CEO or for directors, the board must understand and have a well-defined plan which best serves the...

Professional Mentoring Services LinXsus®

XCEO partners with directors and trustees in pursuit of improved performance, support and leadership. We understand the demands currently set on directors/trustees and, given the current climate,...

LinXsus® Pro Talent Management PlatformTM

The LinXsus® Pro Talent Management PlatformTM provides HR professionals with a comprehensive, rich solution to identify and develop high potential talent and to inspire effective levels of performance and contribution. As a contributor to the...

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