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Succession planning is an integral part of the Board's responsibilities to the organization. Whether planning for a new CEO, or for directors, the Board must understand and have a well-defined plan which best serves the interests of shareholders. At XCEO, we have developed products and services, which support the Board's succession planning efforts.

Director Skills Assessments

At XCEO, we collaborate with the Board to define the skills needed to effectively fulfill its mission, and meet appropriate stakeholder and regulatory requirements (e.g., financial expert). Using our leading-edge tools and services, directors participate in a comprehensive process to assess the current inventory of director skills to meet the Board's strategic objectives. Further, we provide benchmarking data for comparisons to suggested industry norms and best practices.

Director Selection Services

Search For Development Program: Each XCEO "search for development" process is consistent. We seek high aspiration individuals, who have a passion for personal leadership, and a serious desire to serve shareholders through their Board service.

Our primary focus is leadership development. We endeavor to identify individuals who are willing to make unparalleled commitments to their own personal development. Therefore, we develop and mentor them, as appropriate, toward their pursuit of excellence. Our clients are extreme personal leaders, who are dedicated to demonstrating enlightenment within the Boardroom.

Director Recruitment (Executive Search Partners): We partner with several leading Executive Search firms who specialize in director recruitment.

Director Farm Team Development Program

Our Director Support Services program provides a boot camp service for developing aspiring new directors for Board service. We facilitate the development process by incorporating these high-performance and high-aspiration individuals into one of our professional mentoring programs.

Succession Planning consulting services are detailed in the section Consulting Options that are provided to the Board. Also, consulting services can be performed on a case-by-case basis for a Board seeking a knowledgeable and experienced team to help develop, revise, and carry-out an effective succession plan.

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