Board service is a responsibility that should only be available to those who are well qualified and committed to serving their shareowners effectively. The essence of Enlightened Corporate Governance® is to continually seek opportunities to be more effective. To build and maintain an enlightened Board requires a boardroom environment that inspires directors to perform at the highest level of their ability, maximize individual performance and collective effectiveness.

A Board’s effectiveness, as determined and measured by the XCEO Board Leadership Effectiveness (BELIEF) Analysis, is highly influenced by the strength of the skills and experiences of its collective directors. In other words, we believe a highly effective board will likely have a positive correlation with a highly skilled board. Therefore, we encourage Boards to maintain an inventory of skills and experiences necessary to maximize value to its shareowners. We developed the XCEO Business Attributes, Skills, and Experiences (BASEdna®) Analysis specifically to guide you through an insightful and sustainable process to calibrate and catalog your current skills and experiences and document your professional leadership dna.

One of the early steps necessary to determine the strength of a board is to assess the skill levels and range of experiences of its current directors. BASEdna® provides a highly confidential, secure, and easy-to-use process to effectively profile the composition of any board. In addition, BASEdna® provides boards with a comprehensive, efficient, and inexpensive process to help assess the match of potential director candidates with their particular needs.

When integrated within a Board’s strategic planning process, the XCEO BASEdna® Analysis will help us identify opportunities, which you may have an interest, within the XCEO Board Succession process. BASEdna® Analysis will help identify and match the best-qualified candidates for board member positions.

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