Organization leadership is a responsibility which should only be available to those who are well qualified and committed to serve their share-owners and stakeholders effectively. The essence of LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Profile™ and Extreme Personal Leadership® is to inspire higher levels of performance and contribution.

Organizational leadership must create opportunities for each person to maximize his or her potential by creating environments which inspire each one to perform at the highest level of ability, resulting in maximum individual performance and organization effectiveness.

An organization's effectiveness is highly influenced by the strength of the skills and experiences of its leadership. In other words, a highly effective organization will likely have a positive correlation with highly skilled leaders. Therefore, we encourage organizations to develop and maintain an inventory of skills and experiences necessary to maximize value to its share-owners.

We developed the XCEO Business Attributes, Skills and Experiences Analysis (BASEdna®), specifically to guide you through an insightful and sustainable process to calibrate and catalog your skills and experiences to build your professional profile.

When implemented effectively, the BASEdna® Analysis will ensure the best qualified candidates are identified, developed and "ready" to be selected, for senior leadership positions within the organization.

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