By redefining the relationship between the Board of Directors and its service providers, XCEO delivers an integrated set of products, services, and processes, designed to far exceed director expectations. We strive to build relationships as boardroom partners. There are many reasons to partner with XCEO.

  1. A "personal relationship-centered" business model using leading-edge best practices and innovative technologies.
  2. A "performance-centric methodology", based on applied research, empirical study, and practical experiences.
  3. A comprehensive set of objective assessment products, processes and services, and standard measures of successful outcomes, provide an enlightening engagement experience and insightful personal perspectives.
  4. Developed by directors for directors, with insight from leadership development partners and subject matter experts.
  5. We concentrate on four main areas to deliver a brand new and exciting approach to old standing problems and challenges to the boardroom.

We provide unique and cutting-edge solutions, and associated resources, necessary for boards and directors to improve their performance. Our principles and practices are grounded in research and proven in world-class experiences.

We concentrate on excellent Board service through enlightened Corporate Governance and personal leadership development. All of our offerings are based on our concept of SCIENCE.

Easy to Use

Our products were designed for directors, by directors. We understand the demands placed on the Board and have created powerful offerings, coupled with our outstanding consulting services, to provide support to any Board which understands that moving from traditional to enlightened is going to require principled action in the boardroom.

Please visit our "Contact Us" page to request more detailed information regarding XCEO, Inc's. BOARD POINT, or contact us at 408-855-0000.