Having partnered with many boards over the years in moving beyond compliance and utilizing cutting-edge measures to satisfy requirements and enhance personal leadership, we know how important it is to take advantage of any cost-effective resources that will help the board and senior leadership team effectively fulfill its duties. Facing a level of responsibility unlike any other time in history, directors must expect and work toward becoming increasingly more efficient. Therefore, providing the board secure and straightforward resources that will create a surplus of time, is critical in reaching other essential activities. 

All of our services are for directors, by directors and are grounded in SCIENCE

Secure, Confidential, Inexpensive, Easy to Use, Networked, Comprehensive and Effective

We have spent the last 14 years developing products and services, research and consulting methods to support our board and director clients in making sure that personal leadership in the boardroom makes you positioned for long-term success. Our value proposition is to deliver high-quality, personalized services at 1/3 the cost of our competitors. To learn how XCEO can be instrumental in any of your board recruiting, governance, board portal or personal development needs, or those of your peers, we are eager to engage. If you are interested in speaking about how our solutions far exceed those of our competitors, please contact us.

 There are four key areas that define our board partnerships which you can learn more about on this site:

  • Board Evaluations & Enlightened Corporate Governance® – Enlightened Governance is our label for forward-thinking, effective directors and boards. We highlight Dr. Curtis J. Crawford’s book and also outline our products used by boards around the world. Board, Committee, CEO, management and personal evaluations are customizable, tailored and very easy to use. You can select from over 30 different evaluations that will help your board move past compliance in a very inexpensive and effective manner.
  • Board Succession & Recruiting – Is board composition on your mind? At XCEO, we have several unique and forward-thinking methods that capitalize on our ability to quickly and effectively find directors, onboard them and make sure they are contributing to the board as quickly as possible.
  • Professional Mentoring Services – LinXsus® – Extreme Personal Leadership® is what we know is the critical factor that will separate you from your peers. If you are interested and available for board service, then partner with XCEO to find the best path to the boardroom. Taking into consideration your stakeholder support, brand, experience and attributes, we can help you best position yourself and be ready for board service.
  • Human Resources Solution – The LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™ provides HR professionals with a comprehensive, rich solution to identify and develop high potential talent and to inspire effective levels of performance and contribution. As a contributor to the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™, employees will have the opportunity to tell their story by cataloging and calibrating their skills and experiences and building their professional leadership profile. 

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