Learn more about our BoardPortal PLUS®, Enlightened Corporate Governance®, LinXsus® and Extreme Personal Leadership® offerings by watching the videos below. These short videos are designed to introduce you to the XCEO vision of Board Point. More videos are available for BoardPortal PLUS® users within the Support area of the Board Chamber.

  • BoardPortal PLUS® App Installation

    Learn how to easily download the BoardPortal PLUS®, BoardPortal PLUS® Connect and XPress apps. Available for both the Android and iOS platforms, our apps provide you tremendous flexibility when reviewing Board Books, important documents, polls and files added by your Administrators and when communicating with your team via email, poll or meetings. Having a meeting on XPress, no problem. Completing an evaluation, easy. With the same look and feel, anything you can do on the desktop you can do with our apps.

  • BoardPortal PLUS® Overview

    There are five main reasons to use BoardPortal PLUS® and this video discusses the significant competitive advantages of using it for your board and organization. Are you taking advantage of the technology that can save you time and money? Learn about how our easy-to-use, comprehensive portal is far superior to our competitors.

  • XCEO Performance Index (XPI)

    How do you measure the overall health of your board? This short video focuses on the key elements to increasing shareholder value by considering our XCEO Performance Indicators (XPI). Learn about how we determine whether boards are standard, traditional or enlightened, and how you can help your board become more effective by utilizing XCEO tools.

  • XPress Overview

      This video highlights the comprehensive uses of the XPress communication tool. Integrated into BoardPortal PLUS® and BoardPortal PLUS® Connect, XPress is a critical video, voice and chat resource with features that make secure sharing and collaboration very convenient. Learn how to schedule meetings, start meetings, create personalized binders and share information from your Portfolio. Click on the image for a sneak peak of this must see video about XPress. (If you would like to see the full version, login to BoardPortal PLUS® and go to the XCEO Support section).

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