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Apr 08, 2019

Leadership Survey: Over 77% Of CEOs Are Looking For These Two Critical Skills

According to this PWC survey, 77% of CEOs struggle to find the creativity and innovation skills they need. Why, in the era of AI and digitalization, are soft skills like creativity and innovation in such high demand? And what can you do to prepare yourself to fill the current market gap?

Apr 03, 2019

Confidential Treatment Process Gets Easier

The SEC has approved rule changes that significantly simplify the process for public companies to redact confidential information from the exhibits required to be filed as part of SEC reports and registration statements. These welcome changes were made as part of the FAST Act Modernization and Simplification of Regulation S-K rule amendments approved by the SEC in late March.

Mar 27, 2019

SEC Adopts Amendments to Modernize and Simplify Disclosure Requirements

On March 20, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted technical amendments (the Amendments) to its disclosure rules for public companies, investment advisors and investment companies, which will require changes to almost every common SEC report and filing for public companies.

Mar 11, 2019

Vulnerability Is Not A Weakness, It's Core To Effective Leadership

Can leadership and vulnerability truly coexist? Unfortunately, there is a long-held belief in most societies that vulnerability is a weakness. It’s associated with uncertainty, trepidation or timidity. But I’d argue the most authentic and inspiring leaders among us are in fact the most vulnerable.

Feb 21, 2019

14 Smart Strategies For Supporting Leadership Development At Every Level

When you hear the word “leadership,” you might think of an executive in a large organization, or a seasoned boss of a team of less-experienced workers. However, there are many examples of leadership that don’t rely on age or years of practice.

Feb 14, 2019

A Touch of Class: Investors Can Take or Leave Classified Boards

Classified or staggered boards may be the norm in some markets, but they are generally not seen as part of corporate governance best practice. In the US, in particular, the tide of opinion is turning against them. Their opponents argue that, by only putting a part of the board up for re-election each year, they serve to entrench management, make it harder to replace underperforming directors and insulate board members from the consequences of poor conduct.

Jan 10, 2019

Corporate Law & Governance Update - January 2019

Directors will (perhaps unexpectedly) be expected to confront the strategic implications of economic, regulatory and legislative volatility, much as they were required to do in 2017. This uncertainty extends beyond the fluidity associated with the Affordable Care Act following the recent US district court decision. It also reaches such key issues as the potential for additional business disruption, the impact of value-based care and the possible amendment of the Stark Law. 

Jan 08, 2019

The ‘Be, Know, Do’ Model of Leadership

Be. Know. Do. These are three common words, but not just simple verbs in the proper context. Within them, you can discover and unwrap the entire leadership paradigm of the greatest fighting force on the planet, the United States Army.

Dec 13, 2018

Washington Update—Proxy Process Focus Continues

Following the SEC Proxy Roundtable last month, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development held a hearing on Proxy Process and Rules: Examining Current Practices and Potential Changes. The December 6th hearing allowed Senators to hear from, and question, witnesses on what could and should be done to improve the proxy process. Specific legislation was not discussed but policy concepts and priorities were.

Dec 11, 2018

5 surprising traits of great leaders

Along the way, working with firms in sectors like mining, technology, education, and healthcare, I’ve learned that, contrary to popular theories, most of the qualities that make great leaders won’t show up on their LinkedIn profiles or a Myers-Briggs personality test. But they will show up in their mannerisms, their way of speaking and–most importantly–how they interact with others.

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