The Board Chamber is a cost-effective solution for the digital management of confidential board documents as well as board communication, integrated communication, and engagement. The functionality of this area encompasses the necessities of a board and their directors by providing secure email, consolidating meeting details and files relevant to the meeting in one place, in addition to many other great features.


Access your documents while traveling, without an internet connection via our cutting-edge Portfolio feature. Administrators and directors will both find the secure environment for creating, organizing and sharing critical documents a critical reason to use BoardPortal PLUS® or BoardPortal PLUS® Connect.

1. Leave your old calling accounts behind and offer your directors a way to stand out from the crowd! XCEO has created the ultimate board communication tool. You can easily make calls, share board content and review tailored information. Boards and administrators alike can benefit from the efficiency and personalized resources by using XPress and Concierge.

2. Have access to all the necessary documents you need for a board meeting in one place. BoardPortal PLUS® and BoardPortal PLUS® Connect allow individual users to view uploaded content, books, and documents for specific meetings. Users and administrators can save files within the application, annotate documents, and efficiently find the resources they need.

3. Our clients have access to personalized assessments that are launched with the click of a button. Tailored reports are provided to the board and individual director upon completion and include benchmarking, industry data and relative outside information so that the board can focus on setting action items to enhance its performance. With over a decade of insightful data based on our concept of Enlightened Corporate Governance®, we have made routine compliance an exciting and critical aspect of board effectiveness. Count on more than 30 unique board, CEO, committee, senior leadership team and individual evaluations to suit your needs.

4. Effective leadership is something that most people can easily recognize because these leaders take exceptional actions that inspire creativity and ever higher levels of performance. While they have a passion for winning, they are responsible and accountable. At XCEO, we call this leadership Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL), and we call such leaders "X-Leaders." All programs are designed to assist in the implementation and execution of our X-Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership®. We work with each individual to assure that he or she achieves an extraordinarily high level of success in his or her career. The XCEO business model is designed to deliver an unparalleled level of functionality, and value to our clients.

5. The Concierge is a comprehensive resource providing specific financial information regarding your company and selected members of its peer group. In addition, the Concierge provides general economic, industry, and company-related news and insight into effective Board Governance and Personal Leadership.

Personalized industry, company, and financial information are provided to each client via the Concierge. Designed to help directors get ready for board meetings, the Concierge is full of impactful and specialized information. Directors will stay current, spend less time seeking outside resources and will be prepared to have more meaningful dialogue at board meetings.

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