XCEO’s BoardPortal PLUS® is the access point to five exclusive applications that provide boards and directors with secure, confidential, comprehensive, easy to use, detailed and effective processes to increase effectiveness and thus, shareholder value. These applications consist of Enlightened Governance, Board Leadership Effectiveness, the Board Chamber, Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL), and Concierge.

XCEO delivers an integrated set of products, services, and processes, designed to far exceed expectations. An easy-to-use yet powerful resource, your team can experience the same look and feel on both our desktop, iOS and Android platforms. Use BoardPortal PLUS® and BoardPortal PLUS Connect® to communicate, share and learn from anywhere.

We offer two comprehensive products to our clients. BoardPortal PLUS® Connect complements our board-centric, BoardPortal PLUS® product, having been adapted specifically for those clients who wish to extend the use of the comprehensive features and functionality available, not only to directors but to the entire leadership team.

If you wold like more details regarding our comprehensive BoardPortal PLUS® offering, peruse our information packet. 

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