BoardPortal PLUS® Connect, one of the four key areas of the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™, is a secure communication, sharing and learning application. It is the access point to five exclusive applications that provide organizations and individuals with secure, confidential, comprehensive, easy to use, detailed and effective processes to increase effectiveness and thus, shareholder value. These applications consist of Enlightened Corporate Governance®, the Board Chamber, Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL), Concierge and XPress.

BoardPortal PLUS® Connect is available on:

Web Browsers:            Mobile Tablet Apps:

• Windows                     • iPad

• MAC OS                      • Android

• iOS                              • Surface

• Android                         


Exclusive BoardPortal PLUS® Connect Applications

Enlightened Governance -The Enlightened Governance section of BoardPortal PLUS® Connect provides a full range of outstanding assessments to properly help manage the organization's development process individual leadership and personal development. Our comprehensive services include individual leadership and organization evaluation components. Each is enhanced by benchmarking, automated results and reports, comments and feedback.

Board Chamber -The Board Chamber allows individual users to share information and documents within a particular organization. A customizable welcome screen is the first page displayed after a user logs in and each user has access to each of the areas within the Board Chamber. With security a primary focus, our Board Chamber was designed to provide organizations and individuals an easy yet effective vehicle for communicating, sharing and learning. With all the features you expect from a portal, plus many more that make your experience an enjoyable one.

Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL) - Three unique exercises allow executives, aspiring and current directors, to evaluate their leadership track and personal stakeholder support level. The results of these assessments are immediately provided in a summary report that includes development suggestions and feedback of your professional DNA.
Concierge - Helping management and professionals to stay informed, the Concierge is full of impactful and specialized information, including relevant economic news, specific financial information regarding the company and board, as well as customized research papers.


XPress - We have expanded our collaboration with adding an exciting feature to BoardPortal PLUS® Connect called XPress, in order to enhance the communication process with an easy approach to hosting and participating in meetings. Imagine voice and sharing capabilities anywhere, with the latest communication tools offered by Moxtra.



























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