XCEO believes that board attitudes and behaviors lend themselves to classification into three distinct categories: Traditional, Standard, and Enlightened. Traditional boards and directors have guided byways of the past, the standard ones toe the line through compliance with laws and regulations, while the enlightened seek opportunities to go beyond compliance. This thought process forms the foundation of our Enlightened Corporate Governance® suite of products.

We believe this is an especially uncertain time when it comes to corporate governance and that in order for boards to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape they must achieve an exceptional level of awareness, efficiency, and effectiveness. Now is the time to place a greater focus on leadership and XCEO’s suite of board evaluations provide the tools your board needs to maximize leadership potential.

Boards and directors that focus on Enlightened Corporate Governance® make leadership development a priority and as a result, maximize shareholder value. XCEO’s suite of evaluations allows for boards to facilitate professional development at an unparalleled level. These evaluations, coupled with our proprietary Integrated Board Leadership Process, not only improve efficiency in the boardroom but also facilitate efficiency and effectiveness throughout the executive leadership process. 

What Makes Our Evaluations Different?

XCEO’s board evaluations are entirely proprietary and are designed by directors, for directors. Our key features address common concerns in corporate governance such as security, efficiency, and accessibility.

  •   Your security is our priority: evaluations are either accessed through our secure board portal or provided to your board in paper format and regardless, XCEO never sees the results unless you want us to.
  •   We offer over 30 different evaluations and score them on a scale unique to XCEO: Standard, Traditional and Enlightened.
  •   XCEO has years of experience working with boards and is willing to customize the evaluation process to meet your needs.
Learn more about our evaluations, assessments and other Enlightened Corporate Governance® Performance Evaluation Program resources.

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