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Since our founding in 1999, Dr. Crawford’s steadfast leadership has been essential to the growth of ON Semiconductor from $1.785 billion in revenue that first year, to $3.496 billion in 2015. He was instrumental in our transformation from the standard components spinoff from Motorola into a strong, multimarket player with a significant offering of proprietary devices, including our status as a Top 20 semiconductor company and a market-share leader in automotive and security image sensors. On behalf of our nearly 25,000 global employees, I want to congratulate Dr. Crawford on this prestigious and well-deserved honor!
Keith Jackson, President & CEO, ON Semiconductor
Curt Crawford provides an insider perspective emphasizing the need for collaboration between the board and the CEO that is paramount in developing a highly enlightened board of directors. Based on his 30 years of corporate experience, including two decades in the boardroom, his persuasive message is the foundation for building long-term shareowner value.
Chad O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman Bank of America
The CT Hall of Fame honors visionaries who have paved the way for the products and services that are changing the way we live. Individually, and in some cases together, these leaders have made significant contributions to the industry. Without them, the world would be a very different place. Dr. Curtis J. Crawford is an inductee because of his role in the "Grand Alliance" and their work on HDTV.
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
We extend our heartiest congratulations to Curt on this well-deserved recognition [As One of the Most Influential Black Corporate Directors - 2016] of his deep business savvy and encyclopedic knowledge of corporate governance. Dr. Crawford has contributed substantially to Chemours' success and we are enormously proud to have him on our board. He brings a level of commitment that inspires us all.
Mark Vergnano, President & CEO, The Chemours Company
XCEO's evaluation tools saved me over 25 hours of work and preparation for my board meeting.
Fortune 500 Chairman
I always enjoy spending time with [Curt] and hearing [his] questions and viewpoints. The past six months together have been incredibly valuable for me and my growth and I can't thank you enough.
CEO & Founder in the Data Services Industry
Consulting sessions with XCEO are always so helpful. I have learned so much over the past year.
Founder, CEO & Director in the Pharmaceutical Indu
In particular, I found the committee evaluation tool to be very user friendly and easy to use. The questions were appropriate and I liked being able to provide numerical and text responses.
Fortune 100 Director

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