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Group Professional Development

Group Professional Development

XCEO’s professional development services for groups consist of our XPL Colloquium Series Seminar and XCEO Module Development Sessions. Both programs were designed to allow corporations flexible options for developing and training individuals within their workforce. We collaborate with corporations to ensure that their personnel development objectives are accomplished.

Overview of Development Programs

XPL Colloquium Series Seminar

The XPL Colloquium Series Seminar is designed for groups of 5 to 15 individuals. Each seminar can be tailored for the group attending based on the professional needs of the individuals and the development objectives of their organization.

The small group size allows the seminar content to be highly personal and allows for more in-depth coverage of seminar topics. Read More: XPL Colloquium Series Seminar

XCEO Module Development Session

We offer the XCEO Module Development Session for organizations looking to hold large personnel development events. Read More: XCEO Module Development Session

Program Options

Our clients can select the Silver or Gold Series Seminars within the XPL Colloquium Series. The options vary by price, number of modules selected, and level of involvement by both XCEO and the seminar attendees. Details are provided in the following pages.

Program Modules

We have developed over 25 modules that allow corporations to customize their seminars and development sessions. See the XCEO Modules for a complete list of topics.

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