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The ability to be effective as a director or trustee is an important factor taken into account when public sector boards consider individuals for board service. Expertise, reputation, financial donations and support play a role in being elected to join a board; however, they alone do not make you a good director or trustee. Successful nonprofit, foundation and university board directors or trustees will also demonstrate the following fundamental characteristics to support their election to board service.

Successful Fundamental Characteristics

  1. The ability to see the big picture and be able to ensure effective strategy and policy.
  2. The skill to balance the interests and goals of the organization with the interests of the public and the intended beneficiaries.
  3. The willingness to be totally immersed in the successful execution of the organization’s mission. 
  4. The desire to be thoroughly engaged at the right time and stay current on any issues and happenings of the organization, and
  5. The potential to add value to the effectiveness of the board to execute enlightened governing practices.

XCEO offers unique, cutting-edge products and services for directors or trustees to become more effective. We partner with you on your journey for professional governance and personal leadership effectiveness. To learn more about our XCEO Value Proposition, visit our Public Sector Governance section. We combine an academic and experience-based development approach to provide a comprehensive offering to directors who are inspired toward achieving extreme personal leadership and effectiveness in the boardroom.

Our offerings for directors to move toward enlightened governance will:

  • Identify and mitigate personal risks as may be associated to board service and show the correlation between a director’s personal risks and those of the board as a whole.
  • Build director leadership effectiveness and enhance the effectiveness of the governing board.
  • Create a board service career plan determining the appropriate public sector or corporate board to be courted by for board service.


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