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LinXsus Premiere® in Detail

LinXsus Premiere® in Detail

We deliver an unparalleled combination of services, including tailored information, tools and expertise designed to provide you the opportunity to more easily satisfy the specific challenges and needs of your board and its key stakeholders.

With your annual membership to LinXsus Premiere®, XCEO will…

  • Provide an invigorating support environment from which you will have access to, and be sent current, thoughtful, important and meaningful board and director news
  • Deliver insightful and thought-provoking information for board meetings through our access to comprehensive research and reports created uniquely for you
  • Provide access to a set of comprehensive board development exercises to easily and effectively help you fulfill your responsibilities to shareholders to consistently improve your board performance
  • Facilitate confidential access to an experienced and trained staff of professionals and directors eager to support you through important board matters


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