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At XCEO, Inc., we believe extreme personal leadership (XPL) is the foundation for success. In our pursuit of excellence, we seek to identify individuals who substantially demonstrate our leadership philosophy. We refer to them as XPL Ambassadors.

Some of the persons included in our XPL Ambassador program are XCEO partners, associates, and others may have no direct relationship with XCEO. However, each person is recognized for achieving substantial professional success, and represents at least one of the fundamental principles of our extreme personal leadership values.

XCEO Ambassador - Exploring With a Passion - X-Principle #5
David Meachin

David MeachinIn 1991 David Meachin founded Cross Border Enterprises, www.crossborderent.com, an internationally-oriented boutique investment bank that assists IT and technology focused companies with their investment banking (M&A and financing) and business development needs. Mr. Meachin was: Managing Director, Investment Banking Division, Merrill Lynch & Company in New York from 1981 to 1991; Vice President and General Manager of International Corporate Finance in New York...

...and London, Salomon Brothers; Second Vice President in New York and Tokyo, Smith Barney and Co. From 1966 to 1969, he was employed as a Project Engineer for Humphreys and Glasgow Ltd., a London-based international chemical plant contracting company.

Affiliations and interests: David has served on public SEC-reporting company boards for 16 years, during which time he has been a Member of the Executive Committee of the Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee, and Member of the Compensation and Governance Committees. Lyondell Chemical Company, the NYSE listed Fortune 100 Company of which he served as a board member, was sold in a going private transaction. He also served as a Director of Millennium Chemicals Inc. (NYSE), The Ground Round Inc. (NASDAQ), Metha Energy Solutions Inc. (OTC), and The Spartek Emerging Opportunities of India Fund.

Exploring With a Passion – X-Principle #5

He is Vice Chairman of the University of Cape Town Fund in New York and a Director and past Chairman of the British American Educational Foundation. He is an Advisory Board Member of Structured Credit International Corp. (SCIC) and an Advisory Board Member of the South African Chamber of Commerce America (SACCA). He is a Member of The Economic Club of New York.

David is a frequent speaker and forum participant on issues of corporate governance, private equity and investment banking. He has lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, South Africa, and Zimbabwe and traveled extensively on business in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East, Latin America, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Education: MBA with Distinction, Harvard Business School; graduate qualifications from Cambridge University and the French Petroleum Institute, Paris (Total Oil Company Postgraduate Scholar); BS Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town; and BS Physical Science (First Class) University of Natal in South Africa.


XCEO Ambassador - Excess is Not Possible - X-Principle #4
Bill LaRosa

BioBill LaRosa is a seasoned senior executive with leadership experience ranging from Fortune 10 companies through grass-root start-up businesses. More specifically, he worked in a variety of global and executive assignments at General Electric (GE) during a 20-year association and was an executive with IBM for nearly ten years. He has also founded, or been associated with, several small technology companies. Bill LaRosa is a seasoned senior executive with leadership experience ranging from Fortune 10 companies through grass-root start-up businesses ...

... Mr. LaRosa is currently the CEO of G.W. LaRosa & Associates LLC, a global technology sales and business development firm. With over 30 years of experience, he has held various senior level positions at industry-leading companies including General Electric, IBM, and Advanced Micro Devices. In addition, Mr. LaRosa founded Lead Group International (LGI), and helped lead smaller technology companies including Silicon Graphics (SGI) and American Motion Systems.

Excess is Not Possible – X-Principle #4

In addition to his broad range of company experiences, Bill has an extensive familiarity with most regions around the world. He is multi-lingual, speaking English, basic French and a modest amount of Spanish. He has lived and worked in more than 15 countries on four different continents, ranging from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. After more than four decades of managing and leading organizations around the world, Bill has acquired an eclectic set of experiences.

Mr. LaRosa currently serves on the board of Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation and on the board of advisors for Silvatron Partners in Los Gatos, Calif. He is a past director for the advisory board for the Lubin School of Business at PACE University, and a former chairman of the board at LGI. He earned his Master of Business Administration from the Lubin School of Business at PACE University and has a B.S. in electrical and electronic engineering from Manhattan College in New York City.


XCEO Ambassador - Exceptional Idea Generation - X-Principle #3
Angela Larson

Angela LarsonAngela Larson is a respected former Institutional Investor ranked Wall Street analyst who focused on the specialty pharmaceutical industry. She was recently recognized by Agenda Week as a “Top Up and Coming Director”. She currently sits on the board of one public company (POZEN, INC., NASDAQ: POZN) where she serves on the Audit Committee. Larson is also the president and founder of a fast growing boutique toy company (Private: Fierce Fun Toys, LLC) that provides a culturally inclusive message for kids in a very silly package. Larson offers a background...

... in economics (M.Sc. in Health Economics from Johns Hopkins/ BA in Economics from Boise State University) coupled with 12 years of Wall Street experience in evaluating business strategies across varied therapeutic markets, financial strengths and business strategies. Her experience includes working for large and small financial firms (SmithBarney/CitiGroup, Susquehanna International Group, PaineWebber, and Unterberg Towbin) catering to institutional investors of all market cap interests, in the U.S. and abroad. Her Sell Side research gained the attention of the professional investors resulting in being an "II" or Institutional Investor Magazine ranked analyst for the Specialty Pharmaceutical sector.

Exceptional Idea Generation – X-Principle #3

Beyond her Wall Street research role, Larson has personally presented globally to pharmaceutical executives, pharmaceutical buyers and at scientific meetings on The Wall Street Perspective of Measuring an Industry and How Investors Measure an Investment Opportunity. Larson was the Director of Research at Unterberg Towbin, participating in the company's operating committee that steered the firm’s strategy, budgeting, and forecasting.

Larson has extensive experience as a public speaker, covering topics such as helping CEOs and CFOs, among other management team and board members, understand how Wall Street values a company; and the various factors that may influence an analyst on when/why to cover a stock (or an investor’s choice to invest).

Larson has experience working for a large Fortune 100 company and very small organizations which have provided a versatile communication skill set and strong financial acumen from line item details to overall corporate strategy.

As the president and founder of Fierce Fun Toys, LLC – Toys with a Tale, Larson set the strategic direction of a firm that manages the creation of toy and book sets that engage children with silly sounds while delivering a culturally inclusive and diverse message. Operational responsibilities include managing idea creation through product development/creation and line extensions, managing the manufacturing schedule and coordinating all marketing aspects of the business (e.g., sales teams and promotion to packaging).


XCEO Ambassador - Exemplify the Standard - X-Principle #11
Ira Millstein

Ira MillsteinIra Millstein is arguably the top lawyer in America in the practice of corporate governance. As a senior partner at the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, where Millstein has worked since 1951, he has been so influential on the topic that not only did he rank number eight on The Directorship 100, a listing of the most influential people in corporate governance, but Yale School of Management named its Center on Corporate Governance after him. Mr. Millstein is a leading expert on antitrust, government regulation, and corporate governance matters, having counseled over 50 corporate boards. ...

... In addition to his active legal practice, Professor Millstein is a board member and former chairman of the Board of Overseers of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Chairman Emeritus of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the World Bank/OECD Global Corporate Governance Forum, and a Board Member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. He previously served as Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Authority Reform, a Fellow of the Faculty of Government at Harvard University's JFK School of Government, Co-Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Improving the Effectiveness of Corporate Audit Committees, and Chairman of the OECD Business Sector Advisory Group whose report led to the internationally recognized OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. An Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he is a frequent lecturer and author of numerous books and articles.

Exemplify the Standard – X-Principle #11

He has counseled numerous boards on issues of corporate governance, including the boards of General Motors, Westinghouse, Bethlehem Steel, WellChoice (fka, Empire Blue Cross), the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), Tyco International, The Walt Disney Co., the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Ford Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, among others. Mr. Millstein is a member of the board of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center and serves as pro bono counsel to the Board of Directors of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the agency overseeing the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan. Most recently, he was appointed Chairman of the New York State Commission on Public Authority Reform by Governor George Pataki.

His client list has always included the biggest names in Corporate America: General Motors, Disney, Tyco, American Express, and Westinghouse, among others. At the age of 81, he shows no signs of slowing down. Yale has called him a principal architect of modern international corporate governance. Editor-at-Large Aaron Bernstein sat down with Millstein in his Manhattan office to talk about the evolution of corporate-governance theory.

In addition to his active legal practice, Mr. Millstein is the Senior Associate Dean for Corporate Governance and the Eugene F. Williams Jr. Visiting Professor in Competitive Enterprise and Strategy at the Yale School of Management. In November 2006, the School of Management renamed its Corporate Governance Center in honor of Mr. Millstein, naming it the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance. Mr. Millstein was previously an Adjunct Professor at New York University School of Law; and Fellow of the Faculty of Government at Harvard University's J.F.K. School of Government.

In 2001, he received the first Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance by the International Corporate Governance Network. Included among his many publications are: The Recurrent Crisis in Corporate Governance (co-author, Palgrave, 2003; paperback by Stanford University Press, August 2004); a trilogy of articles published in The Business Lawyer - "The Evolution of the Certifying Board" (1992), "The Professional Board" (1995), and "The Responsible Board" (1997); The Limits of Corporate Power (co-author, MacMillan, 1981); The Impact of the Modern Corporation (co-editor, Columbia University Press, 1984); The Battle for Corporate Control: Shareholder Rights, Stakeholder Interests, and Managerial Responsibility (contributing author, New York University, 1991); and "Can the Board of Directors Help the American Corporation Earn the Immortality It Holds so Dear?" in The U.S. Business Corporation: An Institution in Transition (contributing co-author, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Ballinger Publishing Co., 1988).

A graduate of Columbia Law School, Mr. Millstein is a Life Trustee and former Chairman of the Board of the Central Park Conservancy and Chairman of the Chairman's Council of the American Red Cross of Greater New York. He also serves on the Advisory Council of Transparency International, and is a former member of the Yale School of Management Advisory Board. He is a former Chairman of the Antitrust Law Sections of both the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.

To read these articles in their entirety & to learn more about Ira Millstein:

www.weil.com: http://www.weil.com/iramillstein/

Yale School of Business: http://mba.yale.edu/faculty/profiles/millstein.shtml

Directorship.com: http://www.directorship.com/an-architect-of-governance


XCEO Ambassador - Excite Breakthrough Thinking - X-Principle #2
Wendy Kopp

Wendy KoppIt's hard to know exactly what Wendy Kopp was expecting back in 1989 when she came up with a big idea for her senior year thesis at Princeton University. It's safe to assume, however, that she didn't expect her professor to call her "quite evidently deranged," which he did. Kopp, to her credit, chose not to listen. That turned out to be a very good thing for millions of kids. The wild idea Kopp, now 40, had was to launch a U.S. national teaching corps, similar to President John F. Kennedy's Peace Corps, that would recruit young teachers straight out of college...

... and sign them up for a two-year hitch working in some of the country's more disadvantaged schools. Since income too often determines where you live, and where you live too often determines whether you'll go to a failing school or a good school, Kopp saw more than a simple problem of educational inequity at work. She saw what she considered the most important civil rights issue of her generation.

Excite Breakthrough Thinking – X-Principle #2

In 1990, Kopp, then 23, raised $2.5 million to get her teaching corps started. From that beginning came Teach for America (TFA), a nationwide organization that today boasts more than 5,000 member teachers, who work in communities all over the country and reach 440,000 kids. Some 12,000 veterans of Teach for America have continued their teaching careers, often providing leadership for troubled schools in their own communities. This June, 10 percent of the graduating class of Yale University applied to the program, which accepts only about 1 of every 8 applicants. A 2005 study showed that 75% of school principals consider Teach for America teachers more effective than other teachers, and a 2004 study showed Teach for America students do better than other kids in math.

Wendy Kopp is not one to be deterred by a little word like "No." Not even by the reaction she got from one of her Princeton University professors in 1989 when she proposed starting a sort of Peace Corps for teachers. A program that would recruit fellow Ivy Leaguers to teach for two years in the nation's toughest schools. "My dear Ms. Kopp," responded Marvin Bressler, by his own account, "you are quite evidently deranged."

Believing that only dramatic efforts could produce acceptable results, Kopp had moved forward with her plans before she found the money to finance them. At first, the strategy worked: Union Carbide, Mobil, and other corporations stepped in with funding. But as TFA's novelty wore off and start-up grants expired, the money flow slowed. And then, with killer timing, came the Article.

Published in a prominent educational journal, then Columbia University Prof. Linda Darling-Hammond declared TFA to be "bad for the children ... [and] bad for teaching"; she cited a lack of training and support. The article didn't take long to reach benefactors' desks. Soon, Kopp was facing a $1.2 million deficit and a dire choice: cut back or cut out. Characteristically, she chose the first. "She doesn't let obstacles that would deter a lot of people get in her way," says Jerry Hauser, a former TFA staffer. "She just keeps fighting."

Kopp answered worried benefactors' phone calls by pointing out the article's inaccuracies and countering with a study of her own. She laid-off 60 employees and cut the budget by a quarter. "It was incredibly, incredibly stressful," she says.

Stressful, but instructive: No longer would dreams run ahead of money. Now, the staff designs a careful long-term plan every five years. United Negro College Fund CEO Michael Lomax, a TFA board member, says Teach for America is one of the best-run nonprofits he's seen. "We're learning so much from Wendy," he says.

Kopp has never been a schoolteacher, but she does have much to teach. "She's not charismatic necessarily," says Hauser. "But she leads by getting things done."

To read these articles in their entirety & to learn more about Wendy Kopp:

U.S. News & World Report: (This story appeared in the October 30, 2006 print edition) http://www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/061022/30kopp.htm

Time Magazine: http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1733748_1733754_1736227,00.html


XCEO Ambassador - Exploring With a Passion - X-Principle #5
Dwight Smith

Dwight SmithDwight Smith has 29 years of experience in the IT industry. His background includes sales, marketing, and management experience with IBM, P&L responsibility with Software Alternatives Incorporated and, for the past 18 years serving as CEO of Sophisticated Systems Incorporation, an IT consulting firm that he founded in 1990. Mr. Smith was the founder, President & CEO of Sophisticated Systems, Inc., an IT consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Smith was responsible for providing oversight and maintaining ultimate responsibility for all internal operations ....

... including strategy, finance/accounting, sales/marketing, service delivery, human resources, and the recruiting of leadership teams. While at Sophisticated Systems, Mr. Smith was effective in promoting personal growth among employees, providing mentoring and opportunities for skill and career development.

Exploring With a Passion – X-Principle #5

Mr. Smith was previously a Branch Manager at Software Alternatives, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. Before that, Mr. Smith was an Account Executive at Cullinet Software, Inc.

As a Marketing Manager at IBM, Mr. Smith's marketing responsibilities involved executive marketing and the review of marketing plans that would ensure that revenue objectives would be met. His personnel duties involved assigning objectives, appraising individuals against those objectives, and establishing aggressive development plans to ensure that each individual's skills were enhanced and opportunities for growth provided. His staff functions included reporting required information to regional, divisional, and corporate levels as required.

Mr. Smith earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The Ohio State University in 1978 and an MBA in Finance from The Ohio State University in 1979. Mr. Smith is very active in the Columbus community. He and his company have a philosophy that "giving back" is not an option but an absolute requirement. His board involvement includes, being a member of the Governor's Workforce Policy Advisory Board (Appointed by Governor Strickland), and a past Member of the Governor's Small Business Advisory Council (Appointed by Governor Taft). He is a past Board Member of the Columbus Technology Leadership Council and previously was the Board Chair of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

In addition, Mr. Smith provides consulting and coaching services for several small business owners and entrepreneurs in Central Ohio on a regular basis. He also provides input to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Columbus State Community College regarding the programs offered by these organizations to support small and emerging businesses.

Mr. Smith is an angel investor in the Ohio Tech Angel Fund (OTAF) and has made a number of investments in locally based firms.

Mr. Smith believes that it is an honor to be in a position to contribute to the community. In 1998 Mr. Smith established a non-profit foundation, JSS Foundation, to provide assistance to children in his community. He is committed to increasing the funding available to support multiple causes to enhance our community. This fund was later renamed the "TBTG - Thanks Be To God" Fund. In addition, a second fund was established to provide support for faith based organizations. In the spring of 2005 a scholarship fund was established to support local students graduating from Project Grad High Schools and continuing their education at Columbus State Community College. In 2008 the TBTG Fund committed to supporting schools in Tanzania beginning with the construction of a classroom.


XCEO Ambassador - Extracting the Truth - X-Principle #6
Ram Charan

Ram CharanRam Charan is a highly acclaimed business advisor, speaker and author. Ram Charan has coached some of the world's most successful CEOs. For 35 years, he has worked behind the scenes at companies like GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, EMC, 3M and Verizon.

Dr. Charan's introduction to business came early while working in the family shoe shop in the small Indian town where he was raised. He earned an engineering degree in India ....

... and soon after took a job in Australia and then in Hawaii. When his talent for business was discovered, Dr. Charan was encouraged to pursue it. He earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School, where he graduated with high distinction and was a Baker Scholar. After receiving his doctorate degree, he served on the Harvard Business School faculty.

Extracting the Truth - X-Principle #6

Dr. Charan's introduction to business came early while working in the family shoe shop in the small Indian town where he was raised. He earned an engineering degree in India and soon after took a job in Australia and then in Hawaii. When his talent for business was discovered, Dr. Charan was encouraged to pursue it. He earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School, where he graduated with high distinction and was a Baker Scholar. After receiving his doctorate degree, he served on the Harvard Business School faculty.

Ram Charan is known for his practical, real world perspective. His expertise runs deep in several areas of business: organic growth, succession & leadership pipeline, leadership, tools for changing a business culture, corporate governance, building top management teams, execution: discipline of getting things done, business acumen, and culture of innovation.

Dr. Charan is well known for providing advice that is down-to-earth and relevant and that takes into account the real-world complexities of business. Among his recommendations for achieving profitable growth, for example, are to search for "singles and doubles" as well as home runs and to develop what he calls a "growth budget" to instill discipline on growth initiatives. Identified by Fortune as the leading expert in corporate governance, Dr. Charan is helping boards go beyond the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley and the New York Stock Exchange by providing practical ways to improve their group dynamics. Boards, CEOs, and senior-most human resource executives often seek his advice on talent planning and key hires.

Ram Charan is a favorite among executive educators. He has taught for 30 consecutive years at GE's famous Crotonville Institute and is the recipient of their Bell Ringer award (best teacher). Ram Charan won the Best Teacher Award at Wharton and Northwestern. He was among Business Week's top ten resources for in-house executive development programs.

Ram Charan is a well-known author, whose books include Execution, co-authored with Larry Bossidy, the former CEO of Honeywell. Execution reached number one on the Wall Street Journal list, and has been on the New York Times’ best-seller list for more than 150 weeks. Ram Charan's other books include Boards That Deliver, What the CEO Wants You to Know, Boards at Work, Every Business Is a Growth Business and Profitable Growth. His newest book, Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform From Those Who Don't, was released in January, 2007. He also tailors his books for specific client companies such as Gateway, Ford and EDS.

Ram Charan is a director of Austin Industries, The Six Sigma Academy and Tyco Electronics. He was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources in 2005. He serves as a co-host for the Fortune Forum on Corporate Governance and also serves on the National Association of Corporate Directors' Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance. Ram Charan is based in Dallas, Texas.

To read these articles in their entirety & to learn more about Ram Charan:
AEI Speakers Bureau: http://www.aeispeakers.com/speakerbio.php?SpeakerID=1146
Game Changer : http://www.ram-charan.com/ram_charan.htm


XCEO Ambassador - Expect What You Get - X-Principle #10
William L. Stuckey

William L. StuckeyWilliam (Bill) Stuckey is an Operating Partner with Arsenal Capital Partners, an industry-focused private equity company. His primary responsibility is to increase the value and support provided to each Arsenal portfolio business by their Information Technology Departments.

He has substantial experience as a chief information and technology officer (CIO). Bill is a high- performance, results driven senior executive with a career spanning 36 years ....

... demonstrating visionary leadership and distinguished performance in Information Technology (IT). He is well recognized in the computer and telecommunication industries.

Expect What You Get - X-Principle #10

Bill has a proven background as a world-class executive. He understands how to link the importance of IT into the fabric of the business enterprise. In this regard, he provides a rather unique set of experiences to the board. He understands the importance of linking the backroom to the boardroom.

Bill has worked for several Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, United Technologies and Lucent Technologies. In addition, he has worked for grass-root start-up businesses. He has also founded, or been associated with, several small technology companies. In addition to his broad range of company experiences, Bill has substantial global experience, specifically in North America, Asia and Europe.

Bill has more than 18 years of senior leadership and direct management experience of multi-site, national and international IT development and operations, as well as engineering development processing facilities across multiple industries. He is an expert in the development of secure electronic storage, access and delivery of highly sensitive information across multiple industries. Bill has served as an advisor to multiple industries on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, privacy laws, security systems, strategic and operational development and deployment.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Ohio State University. He also has participated in executive development programs at the University of Chicago.

After 30 years of corporate service and increasing responsibility, prior to joining Arsenal Capital Partners, Bill operated as the Corporate Senior Vice President and CIO for Telephone & Data Systems, Inc., a CLEC/ILEC telecommunications service provider for six months.

Prior to joining Telephone & Data Systems, Inc., Bill was Founder and Managing Director of Global Analysis & Consulting, LLC, a Chicago-based international business development, security and information technology consulting firm. His firm worked with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help develop an integrated and secured network for the 22 Departments of Government within DHS.

For more than six years, Bill worked at Lucent Technologies in Murray Hill, New Jersey. He was Vice President and CIO, Operating Divisions and International. He was responsible for supporting three Global Business Units and four Regional Presidents in CALA, EMEA, Asia/Pacific and China. Bill was responsible for an IT group of approximately 1,200 resources and a budget of $550 million.

Prior to joining Lucent Technologies, Bill was Vice President and CIO for the automotive, health care and corporate divisions of Reynolds & Reynolds in Dayton, Ohio. Reynolds is a business forms manufacturer, health care systems and automotive dealership full business solution provider (software and hardware).

He previously worked for United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney, in Hartford, Connecticut, as Director, Systems & Programming. He was responsible for the Commercial and Government Engine Business, Technical Publication Department, Overhaul and Repair, Global Service Parts Supply Chain (military and commercial), P&W Group activities and Corporate Human Resources and Payroll. 

Bill has worked for several other firms during his career, including the public accounting firm, Ernst & Whinney and consumer products manufacturer, Sunbeam Corporation. He began his career at General Motors in Dayton, Ohio.

Bill is an excellent candidate for corporate board service. He has a global operations perspective. As a Founder and President of his own consulting business, Global Analysis & Consulting, he has solid general management and P&L experience. In today’s environment of compliance management, he brings a unique perspective to the boardroom concerning enterprise risk management and business controls.

Bill has served as a board member for non-profit organizations, but he has no experience serving on a public board. He previously served on the NCR advisory board.

Bill has worked in the following industries: aerospace/defense, consumer products, semiconductor, automotive, chemical, software/retailers, telecommunications, cruise lines, hospitality, government, and medical device manufacturing.

Bill speaks Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Greek, French and Mandarin Chinese.


XCEO Ambassador - Extra Passes Over the Target - X-Principle #8
Richard Chan

Richard ChanRichard was a member of the research team at XCEO, Inc. having joined the team in 2004. For the book Corporate Rise, he significantly contributed to topics such as visionary leadership, corporate goal setting and leading by example. He also performed extensive research in the areas of organizational behavior and chaos theories, as well as exploring group structure literature as it pertains to extreme personal leadership.

Dr. Chan’s research for the book Compliance and Conviction included topics such as corporate strategy ....

... CEO succession planning, CEO compensation and board independence. Additionally, he examined corporate governance in relation to its effect on stock price and other standard performance measures. His results have since been modified into working models and are included in the book Compliance and Conviction.

Extra Passes Over the Target - X-Principle #8

Dr. Chan’s research for the book Compliance and Conviction included topics such as corporate strategy, CEO succession planning, CEO compensation and board independence. Additionally, he examined corporate governance in relation to its effect on stock price and other standard performance measures. His results have since been modified into working models and are included in the book Compliance and Conviction.

Currently Mr. Chan is an Assistant Professor at University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Richard holds a PhD Management from the University of Washington and also holds a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California.

His current research interests include: Entrepreneurship, Affect, Status, Judgment & Decision Making.

He has earned the following awards: Best Student Paper Award: Academy of Management MOC Division (2007) and The Betty Nesvold Award for Best Graduate Student Paper at the 27th Annual Social Science Research and Instructional Council Student Research Conference (The California State University, 2003).

Dr. Chan also serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Academy of Management Review, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Management and the Academy of Management


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