BoardPortal PLUS®

XCEO's BoardPortal PLUS® App provides an access point to five exclusive applications that help directors. These applications include: Enlightened Governance, Board Leadership Effectiveness, Board Chamber, Extreme Personal Leadership (XPL) and XPL for Directors. Access to the portal is available through multiple channels which include a PC, Mac, Notebooks, Android and the iPad.


  • Enlightened Governance - The XCEO Enlightened Governance Board Evaluation Program brings an innovative approach to evaluating the performance of the board and its directors. While providing a thoughtful and creative evaluation process, and complete anonymity, our program provides efficiency and effectiveness, while offering an insider perspective.
  • Board Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (BELIEF) - Assess your personal thoughts on your board's overall effectiveness by evaluating your board's knowledge and engagement. How do you believe your board stacks up?
  • Extreme Personal Leadership (XPL) Principles & Stakeholder Analysis Tools - XCEO's XPL Principles Performance Analysis and XPL Stakeholder Support Analysis tools form the cornerstone of our Extreme Personal Leadership Development Programs. This analysis helps high-aspiration and high-potential individuals in their pursuit to accelerate their career advancement.
  • Director Extreme Personal Leadership (XPL) Analysis - Designed specifically for board directors, this analysis helps directors increase their awareness of their leadership performance in regard to our X Principles and the support of their stakeholder community.
  • Portfolio - this portfolio within the App gives you the ability to save documents for offline use
  • Purge - for even greater security, if your iPad is lost or stolen, you have the ability to easily remove all of your data from multiple devices and deactivate your account
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - Two-factor authentication decreases the probability that the requestor is presenting false evidence of its identity
  • Automatic Sync - to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date versions of board books, all information is automatically synced when you have a data connection. You can view your board books and materials at any time within the Portfolio in offline mode
  • Annotations
    • The fastest PDF experience on a mobile device
    • Pages and graphics draw quickly and scrolling through large documents is smooth
    • Easy to use tools including pen, highlighter, notes, customizable stamps, underline, strikethrough, photos, voice recording, and many more
    • Dynamically saves your work and position in each document
    • Review every annotation and bookmark you've made
    • Elaborate on your annotations with attached comments
    • Add quick voice notes to your document
    • Annotations makes it easier than ever to read and take notes on PDF's
    • Multi-share
    • Work Offline
  • Committee Folders - Committee Folders are now in multiple areas. These new folders allow committees to share information outside of the Board Books
  • Chair Identification - Chair Symbol to identify Committee Chair and Board Chair
  • Print - Ability to print your PDF's to your wireless printer
  • Board Books Deletion - for ultimate information-sharing flexibility, the board administrator can choose to automatically delete all board books within the Portfolio up to 30 days after a board meeting
  • Email - now you and your board can create, send and reply to e-mails from within your board community. More importantly, this e-mail system is very secure and confidential Email never leaves the system, but rather is encrypted and stored on a secure, state-of-the-art data center
  • Folder Creation - organize by creating folders for all of your critical files through various sections of the Board Chamber
  • My Account Edit - you are now able to edit your user information from the App

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